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Campo de Borja is the origin of Lorce Wines. It is a region in the Northeast of Spain, South of the Pyrenees Mountains and near other famous wine regions. This is the kingdom of the Garnacha, the grape that best adapts to our extreme weather. Garnacha is a survivor capable of enduring drastic weather changes such as going from a long melting day to a freezing night, keeping all its freshness, wild aromas and intense flavour.


These wines are created by Miguel Merino Navajas and his friend Roberto Pérez at the small town of Ainzón.

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Garnacha is the queen of Campo de Borja, and the grape that best adapts to this soil and climate. Lorce Garnacha is a 100% monovarietal wine of this grape with no oak on it, just fruit. The vines are planted at an altitude of 450-700 metres on the terraces of the river Huecha, a tributary of the Ebro, in stony and ferrous-clay soils with great drainage. The vineyards lay near to Mount Moncayo, from where chilly breezes play a key role on the freshness of our wines.


The grapes were picked in the second week of October with a mechanic harvester in order to collect the fruit at their very best moment, avoiding the warmest hours of the day. The must was fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature (the Garnacha grapes must ferment at a low temperature to keep all their fruit and freshness). We did not want the wine to get any oak interference; once the fermentation was finished, the wine was quickly racked into concrete tanks, where it rested for some weeks in order to settle down and get a bigger backbone, with some rackings to keep it clean and fresh.


Feel the fruit of the Garnacha grape. You will find raspberries, red currants, strawberries and spices. Some lactic tones too. Its wild nose will catch you, and you will see how different the wine is on the palate. More serious and smooth, more settled down. Perfect to have on its own, or to be enjoyed with appetizers, pasta dishes, salads, exotic food, cheeses and barbeques.

Lorce Garnacha

The grapes used in the making of Lorce Selección come from vineyards planted in the 1940’s at the highest altitude of Campo de Borja region. The plants lay in poor, stony soils next to Mount Moncayo, from where chilly breezes play a key role on the freshness of our wines. The harvest took place in the first week of October and was made by hand. The grapes were fermented in stainless-steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 28ºC. Then the wine was racked into new French oak barrels to make the malolactic fermentation. After that, it was aged in the same barrels during 8 months.


Lorce Selección Garnacha is a powerful, vibrant and balanced red wine. Its time in oak has developed the fruit and driven it into a rounded, warm, long wine, perfect to serve with any kind of meat, with cheese and it goes especially well with exotic food.

Lorce Selección Garnacha